Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry & Bright

May your days be merry and bright; full of love and laughter and the things of dreams.
Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wonder Anew

My friend Susan writes a most inspiring blog called Wonder Anew.
In honor of Wonder Anew's first birthday I've written a small post answering a big question along with so many other bright souls.
In Susan's own words,
"Wonder Anew is an ongoing project born from an idea that personal positive change (finding the best in ourselves) is a way to gain insight and wisdom to live a better life, that sharing our personal changes lifts others' spirits, and that listening to others' changes can inspire us to be contributors to the world."
"The Project asks a question. What positive change have you made or do you want to make in your life?  What is it and how did or will you do it?"
I've answered the question over here, maybe you'd like to join in too?!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Medicine

I've been in a driftless place, waiting.
Patiently and sometimes not.
Waiting for a glimpse of health, a glimmer of hope.
And ah, there it was.
Like a tiny thread hanging from the weaving of my life I grasped it.
Holding it gently in my hands, so as not to unravel it.
Only to feel it in my hands, savor it, and once finished, to thread it back into place.
And again, I will wait.
Feeling well won't arrive over night, but that it has shown itself is good medicine indeed.

And with that glimmer of time, I created.
I dreamed Great Blue Heron into silver.

Many of our ancestors viewed the natural world as sacred and animals as teachers and guides.
Heron teaches us a great many things.
Often called the lone hunter and king of the marsh, Heron walks slowly, deliberately through the water and will stand patiently for hours, waiting for the precise moment to spear its' prey, teaching us the virtues of patience and perseverance.
Heron's long legs are symbolic in many aspects.
They are often seen wading in deep waters, which is symbolic of the ability to explore the deeper areas of life and to walk in the spirit world.
Heron's legs teach us the ability to stand on our own and as they are often seen standing on a single, spindly leg, they teach us the act of balance.
Often said to greet the dawn, the Egyptians associated this sacred bird with the rising sun and the return of Osiris, as well as with the regeneration of life. 

 Great Blue Heron Medicine
Created by hand, hammer, saw, & torch.
Solid Sterling & Fine Silver Construction
American Turquoise in light and dark swirling hues,
representative of the deep water heron treads in.
Tiny divots symbolic of the sun's rays and the greeting of the dawn.
You can find out more here.
Thanks for being here!
Hope all is well in your world.
Much love,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

On Being Human

Sorrow and pain are such a necessary part to the human experience, aren't they? 
Life would be so dull and daft without them, our happiness and joy not nearly so meaningful. 
For, in the depths of our suffering we are never more intensely aware that we are alive. 
So wildly, desperately alive.
We feel each ripple of sadness that moves through us like a quaking in the earth
and when the waves of grief come surging in we are forced to do nothing less than beat our legs fiercely in an effort to keep our heads above water.  To keep breathing, keep living.
It is when we are shaken, our souls stirred up, and grappling for hope that we are forced to awaken. 
And there is nothing more human than this.
So wake up dear ones, wake up. 
Let your tragedies be the fuel that sets your heart on fire.
At least this is what I'm trying to do.
Much love,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring is on the Thaw




You can feel it... spring is on the thaw in these parts. 
The woods are thick with chatter and brimming with life.
There has been a burst of new growth and the melting snow is filling the creek beds.
The breeze is warm and stirs the dry, golden grass of last year.
I ran through the tall trees and filled my heart with birdsong this week.
These pieces were inspired by the mountain meadows.
The high up places where crisp air and freedom collide. 
The place where I collected the fern that was pressed into this necklace.
Don't those swirling plumes of color within the stone resemble moss growing on the trunk of an ancient tree?!
Wishing you sun filled days and full, free hearts.
You can find these pieces here:). 
Much love,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trust Your Journey

“Valentine” The Belgian Draft - Arlee, Montana

Skyline of pack horses - Trail Creek, Montana
Solid Sterling Silver & Red Jasper *SOLD*
A necklace inspired by this noble creature.
The horse is the symbol of the journey and the awakening to your own freedom, power, and grace.  
I invite you to trust the path you're on and to summon the strength to climb those hills high and descend into the valleys low.  Life can be stormy, wild, and tangled.  May you find the courage to liberate yourself and live life fearlessly, fully.  This is my wish for you, to awaken to the great spirit within you. 
You can find my necklace here.
The lovely photos are taken by a friend and talented, Montana artist & can be found here.
Much love,
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