Thursday, January 9, 2014

Trust Your Journey

“Valentine” The Belgian Draft - Arlee, Montana

Skyline of pack horses - Trail Creek, Montana
Solid Sterling Silver & Red Jasper *SOLD*
A necklace inspired by this noble creature.
The horse is the symbol of the journey and the awakening to your own freedom, power, and grace.  
I invite you to trust the path you're on and to summon the strength to climb those hills high and descend into the valleys low.  Life can be stormy, wild, and tangled.  May you find the courage to liberate yourself and live life fearlessly, fully.  This is my wish for you, to awaken to the great spirit within you. 
You can find my necklace here.
The lovely photos are taken by a friend and talented, Montana artist & can be found here.
Much love,
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