Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring is on the Thaw




You can feel it... spring is on the thaw in these parts. 
The woods are thick with chatter and brimming with life.
There has been a burst of new growth and the melting snow is filling the creek beds.
The breeze is warm and stirs the dry, golden grass of last year.
I ran through the tall trees and filled my heart with birdsong this week.
These pieces were inspired by the mountain meadows.
The high up places where crisp air and freedom collide. 
The place where I collected the fern that was pressed into this necklace.
Don't those swirling plumes of color within the stone resemble moss growing on the trunk of an ancient tree?!
Wishing you sun filled days and full, free hearts.
You can find these pieces here:). 
Much love,