Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Medicine

I've been in a driftless place, waiting.
Patiently and sometimes not.
Waiting for a glimpse of health, a glimmer of hope.
And ah, there it was.
Like a tiny thread hanging from the weaving of my life I grasped it.
Holding it gently in my hands, so as not to unravel it.
Only to feel it in my hands, savor it, and once finished, to thread it back into place.
And again, I will wait.
Feeling well won't arrive over night, but that it has shown itself is good medicine indeed.

And with that glimmer of time, I created.
I dreamed Great Blue Heron into silver.

Many of our ancestors viewed the natural world as sacred and animals as teachers and guides.
Heron teaches us a great many things.
Often called the lone hunter and king of the marsh, Heron walks slowly, deliberately through the water and will stand patiently for hours, waiting for the precise moment to spear its' prey, teaching us the virtues of patience and perseverance.
Heron's long legs are symbolic in many aspects.
They are often seen wading in deep waters, which is symbolic of the ability to explore the deeper areas of life and to walk in the spirit world.
Heron's legs teach us the ability to stand on our own and as they are often seen standing on a single, spindly leg, they teach us the act of balance.
Often said to greet the dawn, the Egyptians associated this sacred bird with the rising sun and the return of Osiris, as well as with the regeneration of life. 

 Great Blue Heron Medicine
Created by hand, hammer, saw, & torch.
Solid Sterling & Fine Silver Construction
American Turquoise in light and dark swirling hues,
representative of the deep water heron treads in.
Tiny divots symbolic of the sun's rays and the greeting of the dawn.
You can find out more here.
Thanks for being here!
Hope all is well in your world.
Much love,