Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wonder Anew

My friend Susan writes a most inspiring blog called Wonder Anew.
In honor of Wonder Anew's first birthday I've written a small post answering a big question along with so many other bright souls.
In Susan's own words,
"Wonder Anew is an ongoing project born from an idea that personal positive change (finding the best in ourselves) is a way to gain insight and wisdom to live a better life, that sharing our personal changes lifts others' spirits, and that listening to others' changes can inspire us to be contributors to the world."
"The Project asks a question. What positive change have you made or do you want to make in your life?  What is it and how did or will you do it?"
I've answered the question over here, maybe you'd like to join in too?!


  1. Andi, you inspire me. Thank you for being part of Wonder Anew, for sharing yourself, and for inviting others to participate on your blog here. xo

    1. You're welcome Susan, and thank you so much for including me! xoxo