Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ever Onward

Lately I'm driven onward by the fierce pull of the thing that feeds me. 
For the last year I've been waiting on health to put hand to metal and stone,
and it's caused a hunger to grow deep in the belly of my soul.
Time has passed, or rather I have, into a place that allows more.
More life, more living.
The trauma is ending, I can begin again.
I am beginning again.
I sit here, at this bench, and I'm able to find my way back.
I forget my body, my thoughts; only the fundamental need to put what I see in my mind to metal exists.
The sound of the saw sinking into silver eases the ache and the flame of the torch burns away the thoughts of life unlived.
I know there is something of measure, of purpose here.
This is what I'm meant to do.  
To create; to guide dream into reality.
I don't question the how or the why. 
That part's not important. 
Only to show up and follow the path waiting before me. 
Ever onward,


  1. beautiful words! such beautiful inspiration.
    I too have taken a sort of turn and i relate to a lot of what you've written
    " To create; to guide dream into reality.
    I don't question the how or the why. "

    it's amazing how a lot of us are getting pulled into the same thoughts and direction :)

    every step and piece you make is just a connection to something else greater you're supposed to get to with your life and your work

    1. You're so kind, thanks Georgie! I'm so glad to share this creative adventure and turn of events with you :) I've been thinking the same thing, how others are going through this as well. And your last sentence, you nailed it. xx

  2. Andi, I am so grateful that your health is coming back. I'm so grateful you've returned to your work -- your dream work, creative work, the work you were born to do. The pieces you've created lately have blown me away -- the ocean jasper and waves, the kyanite tears. Thank you for doing what you do, and for supporting your own health enough so you can return to your bliss.

    1. Thank you for your kind, complimenting words Harmony! I'm so grateful too, it will be baby steps and some backward steps from here, but I'm most definitely on my way. I hope you're doing well too, hugs!