Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Manifesto For Living

I've learned so much in these last few years on what it means to be alive; to be human.
Being ill has given me a depth and an understanding that being healthy could never do.
This is what I've learned:
Hardships have hidden gifts, but you must look for them if you are to find them.
You lose, you love, you fall, you rise. Life is a rollercoaster you are meant to ride.
You are in the midst of living *now*. Don't wait for tomorrow.
Wait for tomorrow.  Maybe being kind and gracious to yourself is all you need for today.
Fear is often present, but you can give it a seat backstage.
You don't need permission.
Laugh. Cry. Shout. Feel.
Suffering happens, but so does healing. 
Kindness is always an option.
Drop the dialogue of "can't" so that you can be open to "can".
Loving yourself is the first step.
There is always another opportunity to begin again. 
Nature and animals have wisdom to share.  You need only silence your own thoughts to hear them.
Dare to be great, but be open to remaining small.
Time is a great burden and yet, the greatest gift.
Say yes more often. 
Say no more often.
You don't need to label yourself.  You can be a multitude of things.
Don't get so carried away with where you're going that you forget where you are.
Change happens; roll with it.
Say less, do more.
You can be both strong and fragile at the same time.
An open mind is a peaceful mind.
Accept life as it is. It does not get any easier, but accepting it will make it so.
And most of all this: death is inevitable - living optional.
 Do you have anything to add?